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2015 Classes

All classes held at the Phoenix

You are invited to attend any class.


7 to 8:30

I: Reality & Subjectivity

Book by Dr David Hawkins



7 to 8:15 pm

Transmission Meditation

Call Greg Pace 614-866-0859

for information


Thursday (1st & 3rd)

7 to 8:30 pm

Psychic Development

This is an exciting group to be a part of. Imagine getting an intuitive reading from several student psychics once every two weeks and having the opportunity to give your intuitive impressions to others with their hopefully truthful responses so you can gage your accuracy. Attending this group has been an eye opener for many people.


Begin on Feb 6, 2015

Friday Night Talks

7-8 pm  $5.00 cash



2 to 4 pm

Course in Miracles

Study Group

Facilitated by Tony Molchen

For more information call

Canceled for cold weather call for beginning date




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2015 &



Birth Pattern  Analysis

A Preliminary Analysis reveals  your pre-birth plan for accomplishment. It is one of the oldest tried and tested tools available, dating back to before the written languages of Egypt, China and India.


The position of the planets in the sky at your birth determine your DNA and explain through your chart in detail your long term aims, goals and intentions for growth in this life. 

Your hereditary conditions or astrological house sizes determine what you need to do in this life to keep your overall universal energy in balance. This is based upon the quantity of understanding accumulated in certain areas in past lives brought forth and deposited as your subconscious mind. The information given in this analysis when interpreted by a knowledgeable counselor is practical, straight forward and easy to understand.

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Friday Night Talks Begin   Feb 6  2015

Feb 6                               I Am Sensitive  Consuelo Cassotti

Feb 13                            Homeopathy and First Aid What to Have on Hand  Deb Holcomb

Feb 20                          Karma: The Universal Law  Minoo Campbell

Feb 27                           Discovering Your Psychic Sense Mike Hornback

March 6                        Relationship of Soul, Mind, and Body  Minoo Campbell

March 13                      Life in Harmony  Mary Ann Grant

March 20                     How to Quickly and Easily Know Your Life Purpose  Nancy Fairbrother

March 27                      Astrology   Bob Peters  Waiting on Information

April 3                          Engaging Your Playful Mind to Heal Your Psychical Body Kristen Peairs

April 10                        Awaken Your Senses to the Colors and Patterns Surrounding You  Dotti Asslin

April 17                         Jacquelin Smith         Waiting on Information

For a description of each talk click here

Public Talk


February 13, 2015

7:30 pm-9pm

Suggested Donation





February 14, 2015


Fee $89.00

(Lunch Included)


Both Events Held at:

UC Columbus

4202 Indianola Ave

Columbus, OH


Registration contact:

David Cunningham



Public Talk

The Spiritual Call

Modern day discipleship represents a force destined to bring spiritual light to humanity. Around the world, spiritually minded people are rising to THE CALL to transform he human condition. Such people are “change agents” in support of the evolution of Spirit. Yet, more than ever, various internal obstacles hinder them from truly rising to their soul’s calling. In this presentation we shall examine the nature of THE CALL as it manifests within consciousness. In addition, various psychological hindrances will be examined, as well as techniques to overcome them.




The Awakening: The Soul of Humanity Emerges

Humanity has entered into a period of unprecedented crisis and change. In every country, people are fearful as they witness our economic and social institutions falter. To many, the world predicament feels ominous and insurmountable. Yet, it must be realized that this is not a crisis that foretells the end. Instead, it is the antechamber to a new beginning. For the first time in history, the Soul of Humanity is awakening. In this talk, William will deeply explore the Soul of Humanity and its emergence at this momentous time in human history. He will also discuss its implications in our individual and national lives, as well as for humanity as a whole.

For more information https://meader.org/