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Friday Night Talks

7 to 8 pm      $5.00 at door   (Cash only please)

May 8                          Vibrational Healing  Jim Burda

May 15                        Awaken The Healer Within, Homeopathy Can Help  Rosana Domingues


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Books Series Available to Buy


2015 Classes

All classes held at the Phoenix

You are invited to attend any class.


7 to 8:30

I: Reality & Subjectivity

Book by Dr David Hawkins



7 to 8:15 pm

Transmission Meditation

Call Greg Pace 614-866-0859

for information


(1st & 3rd)

7 to 8:30 pm

Psychic Development

This is an exciting group to be a part of. Imagine getting an intuitive reading from several student psychics once every two weeks and having the opportunity to give your intuitive impressions to others with their hopefully truthful responses so you can gage your accuracy. Attending this group has been an eye opener for many people


1-3 pm

Psychic Development Class

Michael Hornback

April 4th

May 2nd

June 6th

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“The Art of Having It All”

Begins May 0, 10 to 12 pm

5 week course

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2-4 pm

Course in Miracles

Study Group

Facilitated by Yossi

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Mountain Astrologer









“Art of Having it All”

5 week workshop  begins

Saturday 10:00 A.M. –12:00 Noon

May 9, 16, 23,   June 6,

Regular Price $500.00    Yours for only $247.00  (prepaid)


Is it really possible to have: a passionate marriage, a thriving career, a healthy, beautiful body, more money

that you ever dreamed possible and enough “down time” to enjoy it-without running yourself ragged?

The answer is YES!!


We are excited to be partnering with Cathy Brown, a Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach and Certified “Art of Having It All” trainer, to bring you an amazing new program created by NY Times Bestseller Author, Christy Whitman, in her new book, “Art of Having It All”.

“ The Art of Having It all” will show you how to:

             *  Clarify what “Having It All” looks and feels like for you right now in this moment-in each important area of your life.

             *  Understand the function of contrast and how-to-use unwanted situations and experiences to clarify and achieve exactly what you                DO want.

             *  Connect deeply with your emotions and be guided by the wisdom they hold.

             *  “Bridge the Gap” between who you aspire to be in the future and who you are today.

             *  Shift your worldview from lack to abundance and be amazed by how much more abundance is drawn to you as you do.

             *  Apply the “Manifestation Equation” a never before revealed formula to create your ideal conditions in any area of your life.


Bonuses with the Program:

             * Guidebook and Workbook to gain the most from the course.

             * A report of the 7 Universal Principles to enhance your program awareness.

             * A Subscription to Cathy’s “Happy Thoughts” weekly newsletter.

Extra Added Bonus:

             * One-on-One Private Coaching Session with Cathy

Who are Christy Whitman and Cathy Brown?

Christy Whitman is a NY Times Bestselling Author, CEO and Founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and creator of the Enlightened Kid Program. She has helped thousands of men and women around the world to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, coaching sessions and products. Christy’s life changing message reaches over 145,000 people a month. Her work  has been promoted and featured with such bestsellers authors as Brian Tracy, Neal Donald Walsch, Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks and Wayne Dwyer.

Cathy Brown has been active in metaphysical studies for over 30 years, a Certified Life Coach, holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and has developed several successful businesses including her current, Life Coaching by Cathy. She teaches online group classes and personal coaching sessions combing the spiritual principles and pragmatic business experiences. This brings a unique perspective for client growth. She lives in Northwest Columbus and lectures at such venues as the Universal Life Expo. Her website is:


The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World    Carnelian Sage


Have you practiced, in one form or another The Law of Attraction, but it did not always work?

We do not always receive what we hope for, plan for or pray for. Why?

Am I not doing something right?  We ask ourselves: does the Law of Attraction not work?

This excellent Book offers suggestions as to why there may be multiple reasons why sometimes it doesn’t work while other times it does work. Refine your practice. Live a joyous healthy and abundant life.                                                                                                   $12.95